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Tenor Ukuleles:

Tenor Ukuleles are the usually around 27 inches in length, and have between 17 and 21 frets. Many guitarists prefer to play a tenor ukulele because of the extra frets, and also because it isn't as small as a Soprano Ukulele or Concert Ukulele, and so feels more comfortable. Tenor ukuleles are an important part of the ukulele family, and are typically made using koa wood and mahogany wood, as with Soprano Ukuleles and Concert ukuleles.

Tenor ukuleles are usually tuned gCEA, the same as Soprano Ukuleles and Concert Ukuleles. Some people prefer tenor ukulele strings with a Low G rather than the typical ukulele High G strings. You can also find Tenor Ukulele Strings for DGBE tuning (such as the Aquila Tenor Ukulele Strings), similar to a Baritone ukulele.

Tenor Ukuleles by Kanile'a Tenor Ukuleles by Ohana Tenor Ukuleles by Fluke Tenor Ukuleles by Pono
Tenor ukuleles by Kanile'a Tenor ukuleles by Ohana Tenor ukuleles by Magic Fluke Company Tenor ukuleles by Pono

"Everyone should play a 'uke'. Its so simple to carry with you and it's one instrument you can't play and not laugh!" - George Harrison

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